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Penetration test

Fortify your Web3 project with
advanced penetration testing

Uncover and secure against potential threats with Defimoon’s offensive security approach.


In the dynamic landscape of Web3, where decentralization and blockchain innovation are at their peak, security becomes more than a necessity—it is the bedrock of trust and longevity. To defend against the sophistication of black hat hackers, a proactive, offensive stance is required. This is where Defimoon's Web3 penetration testing service comes into play, pushing the boundaries of conventional security measures by simulating real-world attacks to detect and seal any vulnerabilities within your project.

Understanding Web3 Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, or 'pen testing,' in the context of Web3, demands an evolved skill set to navigate the complexities of blockchain networks, smart contracts, and NFT platforms. Defimoon's approach to penetration testing encompasses both legacy web technologies and the novel configurations of decentralized systems.

What Defimoon's Comprehensive Penetration Test Includes

Diverse Application Testing: From mobile apps to APIs, desktop websites, and browser extensions, our scope is thorough and adaptable to all interfaces.

Non-Destructive Methods: Employing rate-limited engagements to perform tests on live sites, ensuring integrity while revealing systemic weaknesses.

Industry Standards Adherence: Our methodologies align with OWASP MASVS + MASTG standards, ensuring best practice penetrative assessments.

Dynamic and Mobile Application Security: Leveraging OWASP DAST and MAS, coupled with APIAST using postman API specifications, for an in-depth security analysis.

Exposing Web3 Specific Threats: Custom attack vectors are crafted to challenge and secure against Web3-specific risks not covered by traditional Web 2.0 testing services.

Multi-Faceted Testing Angles: Utilizing white-box, grey-box, and black-box testing approaches to holistically secure your project from all perspectives.

Actionable Reporting: Our reports are finely tuned to offer accurate, relevant findings with less than a 1% false positive rate. This focus ensures that your team receives more signal and less noise, allowing for prioritized and effective remediation efforts.

Defimoon’s penetration testing doesn't just expose flaws — it provides a pathway to enhance resilience against adversaries. With tailored solutions, actionable insights, and a team of experienced testers equipping your project with the defenses it needs to thrive in Web3, you can concentrate on innovation while we safeguard your digital frontier.

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