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Penetration test

Comprehensive security assessments simulating cyber-attacks to identify and fortify potential vulnerabilities.

Smart contracts audit

Rigorous analysis ensuring code security, efficiency, and compliance for robust blockchain operations.

Audit subscriptions

Continuous, proactive smart contract auditing to maintain ongoing security and performance in dynamic environments

Zero Knowledge Tech

Zero-knowledge technology allows for transactions where one party can prove to another that they know without revealing

Blockchain network L1/L2

L1 is the base layer of a blockchain with core functionalities. L2 processes transactions off-chain to enhance scalability

Cross-Chain bridge development

Connects blockchain networks, enabling asset transfers and enhancing interoperability without third-party

Dapp chain development

Dapp chain development creates decentralized applications on blockchain, enabling peer-to-peer services

Defi product development

DeFi product development creates blockchain financial applications to create decentralized relationships

Dex development

Creates decentralized exchanges using smart contracts, allowing traders to execute orders without intermediaries

NFT collections/ NFT marketplace

NFT collections are unique digital assets traded on NFT marketplaces, enabling ownership of digital art or collectibles.

Blockchain consulting

Offers expertise on implementing blockchain technology for businesses, including development and integration services.

WEB 3 Tools development

Tools development involves creating software or hardware to assist tasks, streamline processes, or enhance efficiency

Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO)

Run by smart contracts, enabling decentralized decision-making

Wallet development / Wallet integration

Creates software enabling users to store, manage, and transact cryptocurrencies

Smart contract development

Creates self-executing digital contracts, automating and enforcing terms on blockchain platforms without intermediaries.

Token offering

Issuing digital tokens to investors in exchange for funds, often used for project financing


Integrates blockchain into games, offering token rewards, NFTs, and decentralized mechanics for enhanced player experiences

Starter Pack for chains

Is a bundle of essential tools and resources for launching or developing blockchain projects efficiently.