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Starter Pack for chains

Kickstart your journey into the world
of emerging blockchain ecosystems with Defimoon’s comprehensive Starter Pack

Drawing from our extensive experience in developing successful DeFi protocols on various blockchains, including contributions to Astar, Haqq, and Moonbeam, we provide a curated suite of essential solutions tailored to propel your project from inception to success.


In the dynamic landscape of emerging blockchain ecosystems, navigating the development path requires strategic foresight and specialized expertise. Defimoon has identified a common trajectory followed by nearly all emerging chains: staking, bridge integration, launchpad facilitation, and decentralized exchange (DEX) implementation. Our Starter Pack is designed to address these fundamental stages, empowering blockchain projects to thrive and flourish within their respective ecosystems.

At Defimoon, we understand that gamification extends far beyond mere points and badges. It's about creating compelling narratives, rewarding interactions, and meaningful experiences that resonate with your audience. Our gamification solutions are tailored to your project's unique objectives, whether it's increasing user adoption, enhancing retention, or driving community participation.

Key Components of Defimoon’s Starter Pack:

Customizable Gameplay Mechanics: From token-based rewards and leaderboard competitions to in-game achievements and virtual economies, we tailor gameplay mechanics to align with your project's vision and objectives.

Liquid Staking Protocol: Unlock the value of staked assets while maintaining liquidity with our innovative liquid staking protocol. This solution enables users to participate in staking activities while retaining the flexibility to engage in on-chain transactions, fostering a vibrant and dynamic blockchain economy.

Ecosystem Launchpad: Attract and empower promising blockchain startups to build on your ecosystem with our dedicated launchpad platform. By providing essential resources and support, we facilitate the development and growth of new projects, enriching the diversity and resilience of the ecosystem.

Bridge Integration: Seamlessly connect disparate blockchain networks with our bridge integration solution. By establishing interoperability and enabling frictionless asset transfers and data exchange, we enhance the flexibility and scalability of your ecosystem, facilitating seamless interaction with external networks.

Automated Market Maker (AMM): Enhance liquidity provision and enable instant token swaps with our AMM solution. Powered by algorithmically determined prices, AMMs empower users to participate in decentralized trading while facilitating efficient capital allocation and price discovery within the ecosystem.

Trading Platform: Drive liquidity inflow and stimulate ecosystem growth with our innovative trading platform. By serving as a market maker and facilitating token exchanges without charging interest on borrowed assets, we incentivize liquidity provision and promote market efficiency within the ecosystem.

With Defimoon’s Starter Pack, you can embark on your journey into the emerging blockchain landscape with confidence and clarity. Whether you’re launching a new blockchain project or seeking to enhance an existing ecosystem, partner with us to leverage our expertise and accelerate your path to success.

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